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The overview of the movies registered for the International Movie Festival EKOFILM

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Name of the movie Intrusion
Country of origin Germany
Director Natalie Plaskura
Screenplay Natalie Plaskura
Summary  The short film INTRUSION does not tell a classical story. The main focus lies on the visual design, which has the intention to convey a mood. The motives and the associative dramatic composition are reminding of dream sequences, nightmares or hallucinations in which the uncanny and the curious are staged; Unrealistic, seemingly disparate, yet interrelated scenes that poke, like an intrusive recurring traumatic experience, into the mind of the powerless spectator.
Duration 11 min. Year of origin 2012
Name of the movie Snail Trail
Country of origin Germany
Director Philipp Artus
Screenplay Philipp Artus
Summary  A snail invents the wheel and goes through a rapid cultural evolution, to finally get back to its origin.
Duration 3 min. Year of origin 2012
Name of the movie Wasser
Country of origin Germany, Great Britain
Director Leonardo Re
Screenplay Tim R. Gloystein
Summary  Wasser explores various stages of a man's apathy. Unable to see or perceive his wife, he associates her missing with water. To remind himself of her and in an attempt to avoid his more and more self-centric behaviour, he exhibits water-filled jars throughout the apartment. Based on a true story.
Duration 10 min. Year of origin 2014
Name of the movie Wind
Country of origin Germany
Director Robert Löbel
Screenplay Robert Löbel
Summary Vítr je krátký animovaný film o denní rutině života ve větrné zemi. Lidé, kteří v této oblasti žijí svůj život plně přizpůsobili životu ve větru. Vítr jim tak vytváří zcela přirozené životní prostředí.

 "WIND" is a short animation about the daily routine life in a windy country. WIND is an animated short about the daily life of people living in a windy area who seem helplessly exposed to the weather. However, the inhabitants have learned to deal with their difficult living conditions. The wind creates a natural system for living.
Duration 4 min. Year of origin 2013
Name of the movie Bosteri unterm Rad
Country of origin Germany
Director Levin Hübner
Screenplay Levin Hübner
Summary  Bosteri is a village in the middle of the Kirghiz steppe. There, between wild horses and one of the world’s largest mountain lakes, a Ferris wheel rises up into the sky that only runs for two months of the year. An encounter with the people that summer has left behind.
Duration 24 min. Year of origin 2014
Name of the movie An adventurous afternoon
Country of origin Germany
Director Ines Christine Geisser, Kirsten Carina Geisser
Screenplay Ines Christine Geisser, Kirsten Carina Geisser
Summary  Actually Giant Fox & William Honda just want to enjoy a coffee together, but the afternoon is getting more adventurous than they thought.
Duration 6 min. Year of origin 2013
Name of the movie Vue pointe
Country of origin Germany
Director Arne Körner
Screenplay Arne Körner
Summary  The biography of a place: a deserted island. A past kingdom. Everything is changing. In a close observation tells the island her own story over which has laid years ago a veil of uninhabitability. What's happened here and when?
Duration 11 min. Year of origin 2014
Name of the movie Das kalte Herz
Country of origin Germany
Director Hannes Rall
Screenplay Hannes Rall
Summary  The Black Forest in the 19th century: A young and poor charcoal-burner desperately wants to become rich. He trades his warm heart for a cold stone with the evil spirit of the forest. A cautionary tale about the effects of greed on the human soul, based on a darkly romantic German fairy tale.
Duration 29 min. Year of origin 2013
Name of the movie In Zukunft
Country of origin Germany
Director Darja Pilz
Screenplay Darja Pilz
Summary  The small village Future lies nestled somewhere in the middle of the Russian taiga. Forgotten by their country, its dwellers are fighting the harsh Russian winter and are defying the demise of their home. While the rest of the country is enthusiastic about the current presidential election, the prospects for Future could be a lot better. A both cheerful and melancholy farewell to a village on the outskirts of modernity. An ode to transience.
Duration 64 min. Year of origin 2013
Name of the movie Panopticonthera subobscura
Country of origin Austria, Germany, Mexico
Director Marco Schmitt
Screenplay Marco Schmitt
Summary  Through a spiritual ritual, a shaman calls a flying drone, It arrives from the sun and becomes a spiritual tool of the shaman. It flies away, over the octagonally-planned residential community and transforms a police officer into a hybrid owl-human. It departs towards an Aztec plateau, where it enters a spiritual dance with the director and transforms him to a Jaguar. The director hypnotizes the drone and sends it through the sculpture „Disco Solar“ into the cosmos back to the origin.
Duration 17 min. Year of origin 2014
Name of the movie Teilchenbeschleunigung
Country of origin Germany
Director Simone Catharina Gaul
Screenplay Simone Catharina Gaul
Summary  More success. More Money. More power. More partying. More, and more, and more. Until finally we are out of breath, and then someone misses the turn. Chris searches for a kick through motocross races on ice. Rea and Bea party to excess all night long. Melitta never stops running. All trying to get out of their daily hamster wheel lives, looking for emotional content in a harsh, technical world built of concrete, steel and plastic where personal achievement and success are all important. All of them are running away, but always in circles. An experimental visualization of our daily life acceleration.
Duration 8 min. Year of origin 2012
Name of the movie Erntefaktor Null
Country of origin Germany
Director Helena Hufnagel
Screenplay Helena Hufnagel
Summary  The safest nuclear power plant worldwide‘ describes the bizzare everyday life of people living and working at the nuclear power plant in Zwentendorf, Austria. Since 1978 the plant has been ready for operation. Shortly before it was set to open, popular vote prevented the start of the plant – it was never put to use until today. What raises huge concerns in the minds of people, especially in the case of Fukushima, is nothing particularly extraordinary in this cosmos. The scene is unimaginable: a primary school in the old office building of the nuclear power plant, parties in its cottage front yard, tourists holidaying on the Donau and eating Wiener Schnitzel with view of the plant and Greenpeace practicing climbing for real operations on active plants in Europe. The most important person of all is the caretaker Johann Fleischer, who has a positive opinion of nuclear power and a job like a pope: unique and one of a kind worldwide. This nuclear power plant doesn’t divide fuel elements, it brings people of different personalities and opinions together. In an odd way.
Duration 28 min. Year of origin 2012
Name of the movie Fänger
Country of origin Germany
Director Fabian Koppenhöfer
Screenplay Fabian Koppenhöfer
Summary  The catcher desperately tries on the edge of a steep cliff to preserve the playing children from falling into the abyss. At the end he has no other option to go his own way.
Duration 5 min. Year of origin 2014
Name of the movie Home in mind
Country of origin Germany
Director Tami Liberman
Screenplay Tami Liberman
Summary  Tami, a newcomer to the online 3D world of Second Life, approaches owners of virtual Second-Life homes in an attempt to re-discover her own lost home. Blending Second- Life and real-life footage, Tami explores the experience of home in the virtual era, and the ability to capture it on film.
Duration 10 min. Year of origin 2013
Name of the movie Green Gold
Country of origin Germany
Director Barbara Marheineke
Screenplay Barbara Marheineke, Susanne Mikulski
Summary  Why has the USA waged two wars with Iraq within only a few years? Why have weapons of mass destruction—the reason for the most recent war in Iraq—never been found, and why are American special units still there? In the film “Green Gold”, secret recordings are uncovered which reveal the real motive behind the invasion. The film shows how an accidental discovery is to revolutionize global energy policy and how the mutation of a desert gecko caused both Iraq wars. Barbara Marheineke`s short film deals with media manipulation and uses media coverage of the Iraq wars as an example: truth and lies are sometimes so closely tied that at a certain point anything seems possible...
Duration 13 min. Year of origin 2012
Name of the movie Ice is melting
Country of origin Germany
Director Sebastian Stojetz
Screenplay Sebastian Stojetz
Summary  Strandatmosphäre. Sand, Liegestuhl, Palme, Kühlbox. Eine Strandlady und ein lässiger Kontrabassist. In der Mitte: ein Junge, der sein Eis über alles liebt und dafür über Leichen gehen würde. Er hat viele bunte Eiskugeln auf seine Waffel geladen und schleckt sie genüsslich. Das Eis schmilzt schnell und zerfließt dem Jungen zwischen seinen Händen. Ein ungleicher Kampf beginnt: der Junge schleckt immer hastiger, immer gieriger, um die Masse an davon fließendem Eis nicht zu vergeuden. Doch natürlich bahnt sich das Eis seinen weg, tropft zu Boden. Es wird eine Batzerei. „ICE ІS MELTIІNG . STOP CLIMATE CHANGE.“ In dem Fortsetzungs-Spot der vor kitschiger Alpenkulisse abläuft, erleben wir dieselbe Situation nach ähnlichem Muster. Nur dass diesmal das Setting auf Österreich getrimmt: „ICE IS MELTING. NOW EVEN IN AUSTRIA.“
Duration 3 min. Year of origin 2014
Name of the movie Planet e.: Death in the Beehive
Country of origin Germany
Director Berndt Welz
Screenplay Berndt Welz
Summary V létě 2008 zemřely během několika hodin miliardy včel  v oblasti údolí Rýna v Německu . Oficiálně kvůli poruše secího stroje. Jednalo se o pesticidy, které patří do skupiny takzvaných neonikotinoidů. Je podezření, že tyto pesticidy mají smrtící dopad na včely. Do té doby francouzští vědci ukázali, co udělali pesticidy, s imunitním systémem a navigačním systémem včel.  Význam včel pro produkci potravin je obrovský a v neposlední řadě je o miliard dolarů v chemickém průmyslu.
 In summer 2008 billions of bees died in the area of the Oberrheingraben in Germany within a few hours. Officially due to a malfunction of a sowing machine that accidentally distributed a big load of a new pesticide. This pesticide belonging to the group of so called Neonikotinoide is under suspicion having a deadly impact to bees. In the meantime French scientists proved that this pesticide is also damaging the immune system and the navigation system of the bees. The death in the beehive is about the mass mortality of the bees, the importance of bees for food-production and not at least about the billion dollar business volume of the chemical industry.
Duration 29 min. Year of origin 2012
Name of the movie Planet e.: Plunder of the Sea
Country of origin Germany
Director Winfried Schnurbus
Screenplay Winfried Schnurbus
Summary  75 percent of worldwide seas are already overfished. Up to now all efforts have failed to stop the plunder the oceans. Is there any chance to anticipate the collapse of the seas? The ZDF Crew has accompanied the marine biologist and environmental activist Iris Menn to the waters rich in fish at the West African coast. “I’m here to protect the oceans”, says Iris who is – in order of Greenpeace - documenting the ruthless ado of the deadbeat but effective fishing fleet from Asia, Russia and the Baltic countries as well as the high-tech fish trawlers from Europe in front of the Senegalese and Mauritanian waters. Together with her overbold troop of activists from all over the world the scientist Iris is risking her life just to brandmark the trawlers as ‘plunderer’.
Duration 29 min. Year of origin 2012
Name of the movie Planet e.: Sardinia's deadly secret
Country of origin Germany
Director Dr. Birgit Hermes
Screenplay Dr. Birgit Hermes
Summary  Sardinia is well known for its beautiful beaches and turquoise-blue sea. Less familiar than its beauty are the military activities on the island conducted by different parties behind the scenes. They came to public awareness when the so called “Quirra syndrome” got into media. The “Quirra syndrome” is a cluster of diseases including malformations in newborn children and animals and different forms of cancer, that hit militaries and civilians living inside and around the military area of the Poligono Sperimentale e di Addestramento Interforze Salto di Quirra (PISQ).
Duration 29 min. Year of origin 2012
Name of the movie Planet e.: The Tiger Experiment
Country of origin Germany
Director Axel Gomille
Screenplay Axel Gomille
Summary  Tigers are under threat of extinction. Poaching and the destruction of their habitat are the main reasons why the wild populations of the largest big cat have decreased by a frightening 96 per cent – to around 4,000 individuals. About half of them live in India. The decision about the future of the tiger has to be made there. When a wild tigress left behind two orphaned cubs in the Indian jungle, instead of taking them to the zoo, they were raised by the forest department and reintroduced to the wild. It is the first such effort in the world that could perhaps set a precedence for the future. But will these tigers behave like their wild counterparts, could they even become man-eaters? If this experiment proofs to be successful, it would open up completely new avenues for conservation.
Duration 29 min. Year of origin 2013


The organizers:

The Citizen Association

Chelčického 531/3
702 00 Moravská Ostrava

Tel.: +420 777 890 271
Email: produkce@ekofestival.cz


Didn’t you make it to Ekofilm? Visit its echoes

The Centre of Culture Průhon in Prague 6 is returning to this year’s 40th International Festival Ekofilm 2014. Between 23rd and 25th October the centre will organise Echoes of Ekofilm. “The festival offers a wide range of interesting films. The main theme is in particular responsible consumption. Viewers will learn tips how to live being more considerate towards the environment. The Ekofilm programme will be suitably complemented with fun and educational activities which can be joined by visitors of any age,” invite event organisers, adding that the admission fee to the Echoes of Ekofilm is voluntary.

More information

Ekofilm will bring several exhibitions

The program of Ekofilm film festival includes several interesting exhibitions. In the foyer of the Akord culture house, an interactive exhibition Water and its Animals will take place. In the foyer of the Vesmír cinema, not only boys will certainly be intrigued by the exhibition called Man and Nature Influence Each Other, or: From the Slide Rule to a Supercomputer. It is organized by the VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava. “This exhibition is actually a brief history from human-conducted arithmetic to a supercomputer that is able to calculate things we cannot even imagine. There you will be able to see a supercomputer model as well as six information panels. The exhibition will be on display throughout the festival and it is intended for general public – visitors of all ages,” said the co-organizer Bohuslava Dostálová. The Ostrava Museum is organizing the exhibitions Year of Farming Families and Year of Crystallography (with crystals, minerals and photos of crystals). The Amos Family Care Center has prepared an exhibition called Birds on Land and Water. And last, but not least, the Faculty of Science of University of Ostrava invites all nature lovers to the exhibition Water in a Thousand Forms.

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