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  • The International Movie Festival Ekofilm surveys, inspires and promotes care for the environment – and also for our natural and cultural heritage, establishing questions and searching for answers in the area of nature protection and also social problams.
  • The International Movie Festival Ekofilm presents more than 100 movies from all over the world each autumn in Czech Republic. Some of them will be possible to see only during the exclusive presentation in the festival cities in Moravian-Silesian region.
  • Ekofilm was established in 1974 and it belongs to the oldest festivals of simillar kind in Europe.
  • Since the year 2000 Ekofilm became a member of the international association of environmental festivals ECOMOVE International in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.
  • In 2012 a new organizer took over the festival: the citizen association Perseus, headed by manager Marcela Mrózková Heříková (the president of Perseus).
  • EKOFILM is a subject of a great interest of czech media and relevant partners.


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The organizers:

The Citizen Association

Chelčického 531/3
702 00 Moravská Ostrava

Tel.: +420 777 890 271
Email: produkce@ekofestival.cz


Didn’t you make it to Ekofilm? Visit its echoes

The Centre of Culture Průhon in Prague 6 is returning to this year’s 40th International Festival Ekofilm 2014. Between 23rd and 25th October the centre will organise Echoes of Ekofilm. “The festival offers a wide range of interesting films. The main theme is in particular responsible consumption. Viewers will learn tips how to live being more considerate towards the environment. The Ekofilm programme will be suitably complemented with fun and educational activities which can be joined by visitors of any age,” invite event organisers, adding that the admission fee to the Echoes of Ekofilm is voluntary.

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Ekofilm will bring several exhibitions

The program of Ekofilm film festival includes several interesting exhibitions. In the foyer of the Akord culture house, an interactive exhibition Water and its Animals will take place. In the foyer of the Vesmír cinema, not only boys will certainly be intrigued by the exhibition called Man and Nature Influence Each Other, or: From the Slide Rule to a Supercomputer. It is organized by the VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava. “This exhibition is actually a brief history from human-conducted arithmetic to a supercomputer that is able to calculate things we cannot even imagine. There you will be able to see a supercomputer model as well as six information panels. The exhibition will be on display throughout the festival and it is intended for general public – visitors of all ages,” said the co-organizer Bohuslava Dostálová. The Ostrava Museum is organizing the exhibitions Year of Farming Families and Year of Crystallography (with crystals, minerals and photos of crystals). The Amos Family Care Center has prepared an exhibition called Birds on Land and Water. And last, but not least, the Faculty of Science of University of Ostrava invites all nature lovers to the exhibition Water in a Thousand Forms.

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